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Free downloadable schematics

5-stringed Kantele
Simple Finnish native instrument for beginners

10-stringed Kantele
Advanced more versatile Finnish native instrument

14-stringed electric Kantele
Ultimate electric Kantele straight from the Nuclear winter zone!

FFHolm Assasin #1
Assasin shape, Floyd Rose

FFHolm Assasin #2
Assasin shape, Tune-o-matic

FFHolm Assasin Thinline
Assasin shape, Thinline FR

FFHolm Nuclear Winter Bunker
Explorer/Kelly hybrid

Kelly #1
Kelly shape, Floyd Rose

Kelly #2
Kelly shape, Tune-o-matic

Warrior #1
Warrior Shape, Floyd Rose

Warrior #2
Warrior Shape, Tune-o-matic

Guitar planning sheet FR
For body shaping

Guitar planning sheet TOM
For body shaping

FR Installation Measures
In Finnish

TOM Installation Measures
In Finnish

String charts for Kantele
To choose steel string for Kantele

Jackson Headstock

Ken Lawrence Headstock

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Pro-quality 1:1 paper print of your choice will be sent to you.

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