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At this time FFHolm has invited a long time party member Zrist of the Seven Peaks (who almost killed the captain of Tinefell and nearly captured The Row Boat Of Doom) to memorize the most horrible ass-pains in the nuclear wasteland. And we are not talking about some unfortunate sexual encounters with super mutants but cooking in the campfire.

Various chili sauces has proved their fierce value in this stone-cold radiating zone, since constant eating of dry foods tends to cause retention. In this article FFHolm and Zrist give their comments about chili sauces looted from the local ruins.

Meaning of stamps

For pussies and vault dwellers. Tastes like tabasco. Contains mininium amount of radioation.
Made by tribals. You can feel some warmth in mouth.
For Wasteland raiders. This tastes definetely hot. Causes radiation sickness.
Bottled by super mutants. Devouring can cause painfull death or turning into a feral ghoul.
Bottle has enough radiation to kill every living thing on the Planet Earth.
FFHolm recommends FFHolm recommends.
Zrist recommends Zrist recommends.
Taste is boosted with Wasteland herbs. Worth of trying.
Bottled shit. Fortunately quite rare.

Rekkamies Napalmia 1: Rekkamies Napalmia (Truck driver's napalm)
FFHolm: "Reminds me of over heated tabasco. Boring."

Löyly 2: Löyly (Steam)
FFHolm: "Devil in sauna. Smooth liquid form without fruit flesh, but tastes good."

Gringo Bandido 3: Gringo Bandido
FFHolm: "Quite salty like grill marinades, but also spicy like piri piri sauces."

The Ghost 4: The Ghost
Zrist: "Generally a good sauce."
FFHolm: "I believe in ghosts. This sauce would easily haunt your rectum."

Cajun Hot Sauce 5: Cajun Hot Sauce
FFHolm: "The only reason I picked this was that I had something to pour into a subway."

Nando Extra Hot Peri Peri 6: Nando Extra Hot Peri Peri
FFHolm: "Taste is ok, but it needs some boosting with Ultra Death."

The Hottest Fuckin' Sauce 7: The Hottest Fuckin' Sauce
FFHolm: "It wasn't hottest an I didn't use it as glider, but I felt it interesting."

Brand New Asshole 8: Brand New Asshole
FFHolm: "Tabasco. Boring joke."

Trees Can't Dance 9: Trees Can't Dance
FFHolm: "Taste was interesting. Boostable sauce."

Burn In Hell, Obama 10: Burn In Hell, Obama
Zrist: "A Dull joke."
FFHolm: "And that man doesn't even look Obama at all."

Devil's Duel 11: Devil's Duel
FFHolm: "Great spicy taste makes this my super favourite. Unfortunately it isn't sold anymore."

Garlic Chipotle Pepper Sauce 12: Garlic Chipotle Pepper Sauce
FFHolm: "Grill marinade."

Pleasure & Pain 13: Pleasure & Pain
FFHolm: "The Lady seduced me. Can't remember anything notable about sauce."

Da'Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce 14: Da'Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
FFHolm: "Fruity and spicy taste. Works perfectly on its own without any boosting."

Sinful Sauces Sublime 15: Sinful Sauces Sublime
FFHolm: "Tastes bad because of citrus."

Sinful Sauces Wrath 16: Sinful Sauces Wrath
FFHolm: "This is so evil... NOOOOT"

Sinful Sauces Bliss 17: Sinful Sauces Bliss
Zrist: "I liked this one, not becouse it were hot, but becouse the taste was good."
FFHolm: "Thick tasty sauce with lots of flesh. Almoust sweet. This is supposed to be the hottest of the Sinful Sauces, which was quite disapointment."

Sinful Sauces Wicked 18: Sinful Sauces Wicked
FFHolm: "Sinful sauces have just different flavours. Most of people may find atleast some of them good, but they all need boosting with real chili sauces."

Hot Headz Chipotle 19: Hot Headz Chipotle
FFHolm: "Generally chipotle sauces taste good, but at the same time they are quite mild. Most of these Hot Headz sauces don't have enough spark so just find the taste you like and boost it with fire."

Hot Headz Naga 20: Hot Headz Naga
FFHolm: "Boring sauce. You shoudn't believe in scoville ratings on most of sauces, because mainly they are fake. Only Blair's sauces can be trust."

Hot Headz Piri Piri 21: Hot Headz Piri Piri
FFHolm: "This is one of my favourites, because it tastes good and has enough spark for most people. Doesn't need much of boosting. Plenty of fruit flesh and spices, sweet rich flavour in cheap price. I always have this couple of bottles in storage."

Hot Headz Naga Bhut Jolokia 22: Hot Headz Naga Bhut Jolokia
FFHolm: "Naturally hot sauce, but nothing special."

Hot Headz Serrano 23: Hot Headz Serrano
Somekind of grill marinade. Doesn't taste so good.

Hot Headz Habanero Heaven 24: Hot Headz Habanero Heaven
Reminds of thick salsa.

Hot Headz Pyromania 25: Hot Headz Pyromania
Just same as Habanero Heaven, Tongue of fire or Pyromania. I can't remember any notable differences between them.

Hot Headz Tongue Of Fire 26: Hot Headz Tongue Of Fire
Zrist: "As far as I recall nothing special, just a sauce."

Hot Headz Satans Revenge 27: Hot Headz Satans Revenge
FFHolm: "I find this funny. I bought this sauce once for my stuck up boss, who I hated. That fucking clown learned to behave."

Hot Headz Satan's Sweat 28: Hot Headz Satan's Sweat
FFHolm: "Hot but not as hot as Revenge. Reminds me of Ahjo from Poppamies."

Hot Headz Who Dares Burns 29: Hot Headz Who Dares Burns
FFHolm: "Quite same as Satan's sweat."

Hot Headz Calypso 30: Hot Headz Calypso
FFHolm: "Different curry-flavoured taste, which fits nicely with rice and chicken. I liked."

See Jane On Fire 31: See Jane On Fire
FFHolm: "Kid's tabasco."

Pain & Suffering 32: Pain & Suffering
FFHolm: "This tastes exactly the same as Pleasure & Pain, but the Hag is ugly."

Sinful Saucses Passion 33: Sinful Saucses Passion
FFHolm: "I can't see any reason to buy Sinful sauces."

Sinful Saucses Addiction 34: Sinful Saucses Addiction
FFHolm: "This is so boring, that I rather tell about my poisoning I got after eating poison mushrooms. I feel quite bad just now. Apparently I didn't cooked them enough. It feels like having a constant hangover. That made me do some crazy delirium in the work today. Unfortunately for you, I'm working as an bridge engineer, so have safe road trips!"

Sinful Saucses Envy 35: Sinful Saucses Envy
FFHolm: "Jalapeno tabasco. Now I'm going to sleep my poisoning away."

Sir Fartalot's Hot Sauce 36: Sir Fartalot's Hot Sauce

Ass In Hell 37: Ass In Hell

Trinidad Scorpion 38: Trinidad Scorpion

Satan's Revenge again 39: Satan's Revenge again

Hot Headz Pasilla 40: Hot Headz Pasilla

Hot Headz Who Dares Burns again SAUCE 41: Hot Headz Who Dares Burns again

Blair's Ultra Death 42: Blair's Ultra Death
Zrist: "One Trusthworthy classic. With Blair's Death sauces you will always know that they have the heat. Taste is never the important thing with those sauces, but having a good tasting sauce mixed with Ultra Death is always a good combo. One of my personal favourites."

Da'Bomb Ground Zero 43: Da'Bomb Ground Zero
Zrist: "It's like Death sauces, but somewhat different. Maybe a cousin of those."

Da'Bomb Beyond Insanity 44: Da'Bomb Beyond Insanity

Blair's HEAT Habanero Mango 45: Blair's HEAT Habanero Mango
Zrist: "Not hot at all, rather fruity."

Blair's Pure Death 46: Blair's Pure Death

Blair's After Death 47: Blair's After Death
Zrist: "Did you ever think about an afterlife? At least we have After Death. What Should I say? Go and buy!"

Blair's Sudden Death 48: Blair's Sudden Death
Zrist: "I recommend Death for everyone, seriously, good sauce and this one was the first of Death sauces I tasted."

Blair's Mega Death 49: Blair's Mega Death

Blair's Beyond Death 50: Blair's Beyond Death

Blair's  HEAT Jalapeno Tequila 51: Blair's HEAT Jalapeno Tequila

Poppamiehen Savuchili (Smoked Chili) 52: Poppamiehen Savuchili (Smoked Chili)

Poppamiehen Naga Jolokia 53: Poppamiehen Naga Jolokia
Zrist: "You can always trust in Poppamies and this sauce is not an exception, it is a good one. One of my favourites."

Poppamiehen Savunaga (Smoked Naga) 54: Poppamiehen Savunaga (Smoked Naga)
Zrist: "Smoked naga sauce, even a tought about it sounds good and so does the sauce itself. This takes one place in my facourites list."

Poppamiehen Tuli ja Leimaus 55: Poppamiehen Tuli ja Leimaus (Fire & Flash)
Zrist: "I liked this sauce. For some reason I keep adding it usually with Ultra Death."

Poppamiehen Ahjo 56: Poppamiehen Ahjo (Furnage)
Zrist: "Basic table chili. Good taste, enough heat."

Poppamiehen Bourbon Hot Sauce 57: Poppamiehen Bourbon Hot Sauce

Poppamiehen  Onko Sulla Pokkaa 1. 58: Poppamiehen Onko Sulla Pokkaa 1. (I Dare You 1.)

Poppamiehen  Onko Sulla Pokkaa 2. 59: Poppamiehen Onko Sulla Pokkaa 2. (I Dare You 2.)
Zrist: "To be honest, I would never buy this sauce, just becouse Petri Nygård. I still liked the taste of this. It was surprisingly fruity."

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